Iceland 1: Seljalandfoss

Iceland 1: Seljalandfoss

In the end of march 2017 I went on a photo trip to Iceland for 5 days. I will tell you all about the trip in a later blogpost  but first I will show some of the best locations on the southern and east part of Iceland. The first location is Seljalandsfoss which is not far from Reykjavík, only ca 120 kilometres.


Seljalandsfoss  is 65 meters high and it is breathtakingly beautiful. A path leads you behind the waterfall, but do bring a raincoat as you will get soaking wet from the drizzle. It is fantastic walking behind Seljalandfoss especially on a sunny day when one can catch a rainbow. But I didn’t take any photos behind the waterfall because of all the drizzle.


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