A weekend in Berlin

A weekend in Berlin

In september I went for a photoweekend in Berlin. For 3 days I rode an electric scooter from dawn to dusk with my camera and tripod an a harness.

I really love Berlin! The overall feel of the city was nothing like what I expected. Berlin has some of the most unusual architecture I’ve ever seen, and every which way you turn you’ll stumble on some form of art, whether it be street art, sculpture, or a sweeping mural on the side of a building. 

The following photograph is my favourites out of approximately 1500 photos that I took during the weekend.

Skyline Berlin.
The address for this spot is ”Fischerinsel 1, 10179 Berlin”. You can reach the balcony by going up with the elevator to one of the upper floors and looking for the stairs (emergency exit) there. The spot itself is not public and I wouldn’t recommend to ring somewhere and disturb the people that are living there. 
Brandenburger Gate with lightrails.

A man infront of a BIG window in The Marie-Elisabeth Luders Haus 
Long exporsure: The Marie-Elisabeth Luders Haus 
The Marie-Elisabeth Luders Haus in the evening
Ray of lights

The Victory Column
skyline from the Victory column

The shell house

the end of the day
Berlin Dome
The Wall

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