A weekend in Prague

A weekend in Prague

One of my favourite citys in Europe is Prague. It is a photographic dream. Cobble streets, historic facades and skyline of gothic towers make this city photogenic in every angel.

I went there in march 2018 and hoped for few tourists during the low season. But there where lots of people everywhere! But it didn’t matter that much. It was so beautiful that  I could not put my camera down. Every corner turned was yet another opportunity to take what were some of my favorite travel photos.

The following photograph is my favourites out of approximately 1500 photos that I took during the weekend.



For many, the Charles Bridge is THE sight to see in Prague, and for good reason. It’s a beautiful bridge and is the main connection between the historic old town and the Mala Strana. The photo above is taken from a riverbank on the old town side. I like this view the best.

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A hidden gem in Prague – the “lightbulb” staircase located inside the House of the Black Madonna in Old Town leads from the Grand Café Orient restaurant on the ground floor to the Museum of Czech Cubism on the upper floors.



This church is absolutely gorgeous. It’s located in Old Town Square too and you will easily find it sort of in the corner of the square. It is beautiful both inside and out.



I love street scenes in Prague . Old Town square is to me the heart of the historic part of the city and one that you will find yourself in again and again. There are cafes, shops, restaurants, bars and some amazing architecture surrounding you.



namnlost-75-redigeranamnlost-121-2-redigeraIf you want to be by your self in Prague you have to get up early in the morning (especially saturday and Sunday.  The streets are beautiful anytime, but when you have them to yourself it’s a whole different thing.

Below Vaclav square.


The river Vltava

One of the reasons I love Prague is the river Vltava. It is a perfect place to be at sunrise and sunset. One of my three evenings I spent in the city the weather was perfect for long exposure photography and some golden hour photos.


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This was an interesting part of town and my favorite part of this section of town was the old cemetery. There are literally thousands of gravestones all stacked here and there and it’s quite interesting, and beautiful in a way. The Old Jewish Cemetery  is located in Josefov, Prague’s Jewish neighbourhood, where, besides the amazing cemetery you can visit six synagogues, the Jewish Town Hall and the Jewish Ceremonial Hall. Josefov breathes history, and those who love the dark charm of Prague will certainly appreciate what it has to offer.





The entire complex on the top of the hill is called Prague Castle, which includes a number of buildings and the amazing St Vitus Cathedral. You must go see it, and there is a lot to shoot here. The cathedral is fabulous and there are all sorts of shots to be had inside the castle complex. One favorite is Golden Lane, which is a quaint medieval street in the back of the complex, though sadly it was very crowded when I went so my shots are terrible. Nonetheless, it’s worth a visit and hopefully you will arrive when it’s not crowded!




These are a must see! I know, it’s technically just a kind of weird building, but it’s cool, and let’s face it, you don’t see stuff like this at home. I understand this was inspired by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, which is cool. Stop by, you’ll be glad you shot it!



Even if  Prague is a crowed big city I had the opportunity to take this pictures of animals. I did not expect that when I went to Prague!


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